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Profile of PQM, Ltd.

pqm logoPQM, Ltd., Banská Bystrica was founded on 4th of the March 2002. PQM, Ltd. has five permanent and 45 freelance staff (lead auditors, auditors and technical experts). PQM, Ltd. is a Slovak certification body accredited by SNAS ( Slovak National Accreditation Service ). SNAS is responsible for the accreditation of testing laboratories, certification and inspection bodies. PQM, Ltd. certifies mostly the small and medium companies.


Scope of activities

    •   certification of management systems and staff,
    •   purchase of goodsforresale tofinal consumers in thescope of free trade,
    •   purchase of goodsforresale to otheroperators within the scopeof free trade,
    •   organizing workshopsandsymposiumsaimed at the trainingof quality management systems.


Our advantages

    •   we are indipendent,
    •   we are flexible,
    •   ourprice conditions are acceptable, which are more acceptable by the certification of the intergrated system (e.g. ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 + OHSAS 18001, etc.),
    •   our auditors perform audits in Slovak or Czech language or at the clients request in another language too,
    •   ou rauditorshave extensiveprofessional knowledge,practicalexperiencesandmeet strictqualifyingcriteria.Simultaneously we care about their further education.



Where to find us

PQM, s.r.o.
Legionárska 6419
911 02 Trenčín

 +421 907 846247
+421 903 846247



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