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Benefits of implementation and introduction of a certification

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    1. Benefits of implementation and introduction of a certification
    2. Introduction of some management systems to managing of organizations and their subsequent certification has many advantages for the organization. Mention a few:
    3. the acquisition and provision of the most demanding customers with a view to enhancing their satisfaction
    4. possibility for organization to participate in tenders for major contracts primarily as multinational companies, state and public administration, etc..
    5. by optimally adjusted processes effectively increase sales, revenues, profits, market share and increase the satisfaction of team owners
    6. demonstrate commitment to meeting the statutory requirement and regulations
    7. guarantee stability of business processes and thus stable and high quality of products and services to customers
    8. demonstrate the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of management system built by an independent third party
    9. to improve governance and thereby improve the organizational structure of the organization
    10. to improve corporate culture, policy and increase efficiency throughout the organization
    11. to optimize costs and reduce the cost
    12. increase public confidence and public authorities
    13. build a self-regulatory control system to flexibly respond to changes in customer requirements, legislative requirements and changes within the organization
    14. not least by joining the EU - the compatibility of systems management in practice in EU countries, rapid adaptation of the organization to EU requirements
    15. a competitive advantage
    16. mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.


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