Quality management system ISO 9001

ISO 9000 is the set of standards for quality management system. The most famous standard by which to conduct its own certification, the designation of ISO 9001, but the public and businesses have started because of simplicity (albeit inaccurately) use the designation ISO 9000. If someone mentions that is certified according to ISO 9000 or ISO 9001, it is one and the same. ISO 9000 series contains a set of recommendations to manage the quality of the organization. It represents an internationally recognized standards enabling easier and more transparent management of quality in the company.

The benefit of ISO 9001
The most common motive for the introduction of quality management system is the requirement of customer - the customer or contractor selection process. The introduction of quality management system will increase efficiency of management, improve organization, increase morality in society and especially improve the production and satisfy your customers - that is, ultimately increase profits and market share.

The introduction of quality management system ISO 9001
Within the introduction of quality management system ISO 9001 there is important to respect several principles:

    1. Process management in the organization - knowledge, characterization, optimization and management processes of the organization.
    2. Focus on the customer - the detection, understanding and satisfying customer needs.
    3. Leadership - leaders set the unity of purpose and direction of the organization.
    4. Involvement of people - all employees and members of the organization have an impact on the quality of the product - a product or service.
    5. System approach to management - all processes in an organization are interconnected and form a system. It is therefore necessary for them to manage the system, not separately.
    6. Deciding on the basis of facts - the creatuion of the high-quality information systems to receive informations to the right people at the right time.
    7. Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers - a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers is enhanced by the ability of organizations to create value.
    8. Continued Improvement - the organization is dynamic, constantly evolving system, making a continuous development and improvement of the quality management system.


The area of ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is a universal standard, and covers all fields of business, manufacturing and services. All you need to verify is whether the certification body is accredited by the relevant scope.

International validity
Standards ISO are international standards that individual countries take into national "technical law". The standards ISO 9001 and STN EN ISO 9001 have exactly the same wording and requirements, it means that if a company receives a certificate in one country this is valid in another country, too.

Issuance of a certificate
PQM company is accredited certification body that is constantly monitored by the Slovak National Accreditation Service and is duly authorized to issue certificates for ISO 9001. The certificate is an international force.


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