Policy use of certification marks and logos of PQM Ltd.

Logo of PQM

    1. Logo of PQM Ltd. is the official symbol that presents the company PQM Ltd. and may be used by PQM Ltd. and the companies certified COMS PQM.
    2. Logo of alpha PQM Ltd. is an abbreviation of the name "Perfect Quality Mark" and is light blue.
    3. PQM Ltd. company logo is a trademark and registered trademark under § 12 par. Law No. 1. 55/1997 Z.z. trademark, as amended, under the registration number 219491st Make a mark "®" logo is located on the bottom right of the point “M”.


Certification marks

    1. The certification mark indicates that the organization is certified COMS PQM.
    2. Certification marks containing the company logo and name PQM standards by which the organization is certified.

    3. Certification marks are created in three versions
       - with the name of international standards
       - with the European name of standards
       - with Slovak name of standards

    4. in three languages
      - Slovak language
      - English language
      - German language

    5. in three color version 
      - light blue
      - black and white black
      - and white with light blue company logo PQM.


Use of the logo and certification marks

    1. PQM company logo and certification mark may be used only organization that has undergone a proper process of certification and was awarded her a certificate issued by PQM.
    2. Company PQM provide certification mark and logo certified companies in electronic form at CD in format JPG. Signs in the curves give the company a certified organization to demand.
    3. The certified organization may use the logo of PQM, and certification marks only in a form in which it was provided by PQM.
    4. The certified organization may use the logo of PQM and certification marks on his website and other promotional materials (leaflets, brochures, letterhead ,...), but always in such a way as to make clear that the management system certification and the certification is not product and service.
    5. PQM Ltd. company logo and certification mark shall not be used in cases where it would hurt the reputation of PQM Ltd.
    6. In the event that the organization has been certified management system certificate withdrawn, or closed its validity and cooperation had been established, again, the organization is required to immediately stop using the logo PQM and certification marks in all documents, promotional materials and website.


Where to find us

PQM, s.r.o.
Legionárska 6419
911 02 Trenčín

 +421 907 846247
+421 903 846247



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