Procedure for dealing with complaints

Complaint activity against COMS PQM is to take each worker COMS PQM, then this fact must inform the head of COMS PQM, his agent or MK. Any customer complaint to the activity of COMS PQM is to COMS PQM manager or his agent MK recorded in the Form No. F-015/2010 and enter in the register of complaints and appeals.

Such complaints, verify PQM COMS executives and, where appropriate to remove the problem after consulting with the customer. All the recorded facts leading to the form COMS PQM complaint / appeal. Where appropriate, the Head of COMS PQM action to eliminate the causes of customer dissatisfaction, which also recorded and monitored according to the OS - 2.1.04/02 Corrective and preventive action. The same procedure is also in the event of a complaint against a third party management system.

Head COMS PQM then examine the merits of a complaint and the reasons for the validity and seriousness of allegations of the complaint order, the lead auditor scheduled Audit Form. F-018/2010 - Decision unscheduled audit (Annex. 3). The period under review informs the head of the organization, which has to approve it. The decisions unplanned audit is in keeping with the OS - 3.1.01/02 The process certification and supervision. Depending on the results of the audit manager COMS PQM take further steps. Where PQM COMS executives consider the complaint as unfounded, inform the customer or third party of this decision within 10 days of verification of facts.

Head COMS PQM within 10 days of the decision in writing inform the complainant lodged a complaint resolution / appeal respectively. the action taken at the same time the complainant shall also send a complaint form to appeal against the complainant in dealing with dissatisfaction or complaints. adopted measures.


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