Process of Certification

The course of the certification process itself, the certification preceded the introduction of a management system management in the organization. Subsequently, the organization itself or in cooperation with the consultancy company set up, implement and document management system. Then decide on the certification authority in the organization carried out the certification audit. If the organization meets all the criteria are awarded the Certificate, which certifies compliance with the organization management system standard in question.

When choosing a certification authority, an organization should take into account:

    1. the scope of accreditation of the certification body,
    2. validity of the certificate (national or international force),
    3. references,
    4. requirements of suppliers.

Process of certification

The certification by the certifying authority PQM has the following 4 stages.

1. Preparation for certification
Certification itself preceded by the following steps:

        1. application for certification,
        2. quotation - it prepares the company for the PQM completed application,
        3. contract,
        4. determination date of the audit,
        5. team's draft audit,
        6. opinion on the client draft audit team,
        7. appointment of leader auditor and audit team.

2. Certification audit
The certification audit was carried out under the requirements of standard EN ISO / IEC 17021:2011 in two stages. At least part of the first stage and second stage of the whole must take place at the headquarters of the organization under review.

The first stage of the audit
Objective is to fully understand the client management system and its principles. It should have the following components:

        1. the audit of client's management system documentation,
        2. assessment of environmental conditions in company,
        3. discussion with client staff,
        4. understanding of customer requirements,
        5. review standards to customers information about the scope of management system, processes and location as well as related legal and statutory aspects,
        6. agreement on the details of the second stage and review the resources allocated,
        7. presentation focusing the second phase of the plan,
        8. consideration of planning and carrying out internal audits of preparedness for the second phase.

The second phase of the audit
Objective: To evaluate the implementation of client management system, including its effectiveness. It should contain the following components:

    1. information and evidence of compliance with all requirements of the standard,
    2. monitoring and performance measurement, management and administration of the examination in comparison with the aims and objectives of the core activities,
    3. compliance with legislation,
    4. operational Process Management,
    5. internal Audit,
    6. management Responsibility.

3. Activities after audit

    1. Auditor prepare audit documentation of the audit and forward it to the PQM. It also proposes granting / not granting the certificate.
    2. The documentation is reviewed by staff COMS PQM.
    3. Client certificates are issued.
    4. Certificates, together with documentation are sent to the client upon payment of invoices.

4. Surveillance Audit
Certification body carries out audits of examining the organization of inspection audits at least annually throughout the duration of the certificate.


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