ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an international standard that defines the principles of environmental management system (EMS) - a system by which companies monitor their environmental impact. The mission of ISO 14001, which was adopted by the International Association for Standardization (ISO) in 1996, is integrating the EMS into core areas of corporate management. In the creation of standard were involved a lot of manufactoring enterprises and governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

The benefit of ISO 14001
The most fequent motive is the requirement on the basis of social demand, expressed publicly beneficial offer state programs to provide support for organizations that create a system of environmental protection in their activities. This way the organization declares that environmental issues to its are not indifferent . In the management intetrest of organization is that the enviroment is not jeopardized by its operation. Since environmental requirements are increasing, the organization has almost a necessary obligation to intruduce the environmental management system, which also has a positive effect on the customers.

The introduction of environmental management system according to the ISO 14001
If the company decided itself to get a certificate certifying a conformity (compliance) of its enviromental management system with the requirements of ISO 14001, must establish, document, implement and maintain an environmental management system and continually improve its effectiveness. The essence of the implementation of environmental management system is to identify the "environmental aspects”, namely the elements of activities, products or services which, under certain circumstances, act negatively on the environment. From the nature of these aspects is based variable "complex" management systems in specific organizations. Of course, this character is different. For example, another "weight" are aspects of the chemistry with outdated technology and another in the design office. The main objective is to promote standards of environmental protection and pollution prevention. The standard does not absolute requirements for environmental performance of the organization, but essentially requires compliance with national and local legislation.

Area ISO 14001
The standard is designed so that it can be applied in organizations of all types and sizes and different fields of business. The validity of the International Standards of ISO are international standards that individual countries to assume their national standards. The same is therefore true to the standard ISO 14001 by the Slovak legislation known as the EN ISO 14001 and has exactly the same wording and requirements. Does this mean that the firm receives a certificate in one country may once again prove that the requirements in another country.

Exposure of certificate
PQM company is accredited certification body that is constantly monitored by the Slovak National Accreditation Service and is duly authorized to issue certificates for ISO 14001 . The certificate is an international force.


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