Information Security Management SystemISO/IEC 27001

ISO 27001, which specifies the information security management system, created in 2005 and then replace the current standard BS7799-2. The objective standard is to provide support for the creation, implementation, implementation, monitoring, maintaining and improving information security management system.

The benefit of ISO 27001
Declaring the adoption of information security management system by senior management is an expression of personal responsibility for ensuring that information management in the organization, improves vigilance awareness, involvement and motivating employees to safety culture of the organization. It improves confidence and satisfaction of customers, investors, suppliers, business partners and employees of the organization and efficient, seamless and smooth operation of IT technology and communication.

Establishment Management System ISO 27001
Implementation process of information security management system begins with the decision of the management organization for the implementation of this system. Consequently, it is necessary to formulate public policy and information security organizations. The next step is to define the scope of the safety management system - ie location, property and technology. Followed by determination of the potential risks and how their management and control. The final stage in the process of implementation of the certification itself.

Area ISO 27001
ISO 27001 requirements are generally applicable in all organizations regardless of their type, size or business type. The system is especially appropriate to the firms that manage sensitive data, such as banks, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, providers of IT services, software companies and large industrial enterprises.

International force
Standard ISO 27001 is like all ISO standards applicable international standards, and this means that the firm receives a certificate in one country may once again prove that the requirements in another country.

Exposure Certificate
PQM Company since June 2008 is accredited to ISO 27,001th By the way SNAS been assigned a registration number and registration mark. It came to issue internationally valid certificates to ISO 27001.


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