MCS 2011 - Management of crisis situations

mcs1MCS 2011 (Management of crisis situations) is a set of standards for planning and management of emergencies. The aim of this international standard is to provide a model for planning, management, monitoring, review, improvement and anticipating crisis events and their impact on the lives of the population and the impact on the environment. 

The contribution of standards:
implementing of this standard will bring greater efficiency of planning and management of crisis events, as well as showing that all documents are in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the country and are really applicable in practice. MCS is in accordance with legislative requirements of the country and in some cases even beyond the requirements defined by law. It is suitable for all types of organizations, to which it is appointed from the law or from government institutions.


The aim of this international standard is to improve the system:

    1. of building emergency plans and their effectiveness and applicability to real events,
    2. of verification of contingency plans in consultation with stakeholders in practice (e.g., demonstration exercises, participation in case studies),
    3. of availability of contingency plans in the event of an actual event,
    4. of implementation of the ICT for the purpose of monitoring and management,
    5. of control and inspection organizations superiors.


The result is:

    1. anticipating potential risks and emergencies,
    2. improvement of risk management and crisis planning events,
    3. reducing the potential loss of life caused by the lack of information or by the management,
    4. minimizing the impact on the environment,
    5. minimizing damage to property,
    6. usability.


The requirements of this standard are generic and applicable to all types of organizations, which are supposed to use it in terms of their activities and by regulating law. It deals with organizations which have to build their crisis plans, and organizations with varying degrees of involvement for ensuring the coordination, management and oversight of emergencies.


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